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looking up

16.Apr 2008 | | Comments Off

looking up

i’ve been often down where the kid is.
looking up.
but i have never been up there before.
least cant remember.

good idea to reverse the angles.
think and see outside the usual box.
your personal box that is.

first step: realise the box.


11.Apr 2008 | | Comments (1) »


the pink princess. dont get that messed up with the pink lady.
they share a lot in common, but are different at least the same.

and the pink lady is now red.
guess she grew up.

maturing by colour.
how cool is that.

against the grain

09.Apr 2008 | | Comments Off

against the grain

ignoring the arrow on the street, leaping the last meters towards the finish.
Graz Marathon in october 2007.

shot with my NakedLens.
no, thats not a postproduction effect. (1)

take a look at taojjbtcrf (2) for recent usage of the same optical principal in a feature film.
also well worth a look for all the beautiful light.
i wonder where one can see the four hour extended version.
wouldnt be boring at all i think.

but even the regular version is longer than it takes for top athletes
to complete the famous 42,195 kilometers.

(1) but some distracting logos from the shirt have been removed.
(2) the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford

the kids

31.Jan 2008 | | Comments Off

the kids are on high street

the kids are on high street

they take your photograph,
you come into existence.

so existence depends on photography.

but how to take photos if you dont exist first?

the hen and egg are reincarnated.
and since both are reincarnated at the same time,
neither of them has been first.

another big mystery solved.

thank you.

forgotten years

25.Jan 2008 | | Comments Off

forgotten years

from the days when presentations were still written by hand.
stop. make that:
from the days when people realised that they could type instead of write.

sometimes casual snapshots turn out special.
capturing a moment of time in all its beauty.
bringing all the elements of that moment together.

aligning content and form.

abandoned overhead projectors, a Lomo LCA and crossprocessed film.
thats all stuff from the past.

subway sally

05.Jan 2008 | | Comments (1) »

subway sally

going public transport.
playing with a little camera.

doing one thing while doing another.
talking to friends and taking a picture.
not the one that is going to save the world.

next time.

but i like her look here. caught off-guard.
distraction is the keyword.
thinking about something else than being photographed.
with image-conscious people there are two options:

great shot.
crappy shot.

and often the second take is better.
taken a split-second after the real photo.

and in real portrait settings it boils down to being patient.
especially with those camera-conscious people.

i have to know, i can feel a camera that is going to be pointed at me while its still in its bag.

be fast. or take your time.

melting memories

15.Dec 2007 | | Comments Off

melting memories

setup follows hundred year old family pictures.
including the plant on the table.

someone who was more into effects and tricks would have done more.
added scratches. dust. torn edges. toning. fading colours.

if it was for a movie, where someone finds this picture on his attic. maybe yes.
for a present picture. no.
why would a photographer degrade a picture.
with things that any person tries to avoid happen to their pictures.
keeping the memory alive.
keep it from melting away.

nothing did we know how appropriate the look from an old family album would be.
only some years later.

peace the fuck out

09.Dec 2007 | | Comments Off

peace the fuck out

there was this annoying and very curious person.
right behind me.
i hadnt been aware of.

but not for long.

she took care of it.

i dont mind bystanders. watchers. guests.
but they should behave like that.

as soon as you point a camera, people ask questions.
while in most cases it is none of their business.
you dont photograph them or their property.
but still they act like the moral stylepolice.

painters in cities never get asked or policed by civilians.
people just walk on by.
what is the threat of taking photos?
everyones a photographer.
at least thats what advertising wants us to believe.

seems it follows that everyone knows better.


06.Dec 2007 | | Comments (2) »


fan [fɛn], engl. – faecher, ventilator, bewunderer, liebhaber

to take good photographs you have to be a fan.
even if its just for the time of the shoot.
especially with music.

music has a direct way to your heart.

its always great to have no obstacles when shooting live.
when you know the band. or the manager. or the location boss.
someone giving you the thumbs up to shoot more than the first three songs.

sometimes it helps just to be nice to the security.
or the sound technician.
who might just allow you to use one of his large cases to stand on.
and you can pull out the big long lens.

ask. politely. it helps.

grey day

04.Dec 2007 | | Comments (1) »

grey day

halfway between munich and salzburg.

you can windsurf there.
windsurfing chiemsee. remember?
but when the fun with the small boards and sails begin:

sturmwarnung. get out, or they will drag you out.
they actually come with a boat and pick you up. no fun.

but no real wind on that day.
so: no surfers.

and no tourists watching them from the picknick area.
on that small strip of land between highway and lake.
a quiet place despite the cars roaring by.