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subway sally

05.Jan 2008 |

subway sally

going public transport.
playing with a little camera.

doing one thing while doing another.
talking to friends and taking a picture.
not the one that is going to save the world.

next time.

but i like her look here. caught off-guard.
distraction is the keyword.
thinking about something else than being photographed.
with image-conscious people there are two options:

great shot.
crappy shot.

and often the second take is better.
taken a split-second after the real photo.

and in real portrait settings it boils down to being patient.
especially with those camera-conscious people.

i have to know, i can feel a camera that is going to be pointed at me while its still in its bag.

be fast. or take your time.

One Comment

  1. Fotografo wrote:

    I like this kind of picture, candid and rich of feelings!

    Posted on 05-Jan-08 at 18:57