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bibble 5 – preview and preset

02.Feb 2009 |


i have been using Bibble for years now. great software.
last weekend a preview version of Bibble 5 has been released.

still a bit rough around the edges, but it is a diamond already.
not every camera is supported for the time being and some features
had to be switched off to avoid redundant bug reports.

highlights among the new things are versions of the same image,
layers with regional editing, better colour handling,
a database backend, and an elegant and fast interface.
not to mention it really gets faster with every processor your computer has.

and one convenient feature, that will be great for the community: presets.

they have been there before, but now they are easy to organize and apply.
and of course to share. so i’ll start with a polaroid simulation:

pola 922 xmp file (zipped)

unpack and put it into the folder “.\presets” of your bibble 5 settings.
start bibble 5. activate the preset for the selected images in the presets tool.

dont forget to crop to 100:103 ratio, almost square, but prime. enjoy.

what this preset does:
– adjust colour curves for the basic look
– add some vibrance and contrast
– vignetting!
– switches off the sharpening

if you want the go with the pola-look you really need the vignette.
and go very easy on the sharpening. some tiny blur wouldnt be bad,
but switching it off and not sharpen when preparing for output is good enough.

the frame is of course scanned from a real pola.
the font? no font. handwriting. mine.
sorry, the goodies arent in the presets, just the image treatment.

the image? well, taken exactly one year ago.
i was there to photograph the concerts.
and today i saw the same girl in a cafe in town.
didnt remember until i was too far away.

One Comment

  1. Uwe wrote:

    Danke für Deine Bibble-Presets. Wirklich gute Arbeit.

    LG Uwe

    Posted on 18-Jan-10 at 16:00