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a walk in the dark

08.Dec 2008 |

a walk in the dark

it was pretty cold for skirts that short.
beauty knows no pain.

one of the nice things with a camera that knows no limits:
you start to shoot in ludicrous situations.

a dark alley. four legs coming my way. fast.
iso dialled up to 25k.
aperture f2.0.
exposure time 1/320 second.
let them walk by.
turn. syncing the steps.
three seconds later four exposures are done.
every exposure has the legs right on the ground.

at home i fed the D700 raw files to Bibble.
noise ninja did its magic. done.

unfavourable circumstances are a good training place.

One Comment

  1. Hadari wrote:

    great one for the iso!
    who belived at the film time to get a good shoot with 25k iso?

    Posted on 28-Apr-09 at 07:09